Introducing BOPP Dashboard

09.05.22 12:06 PM By Migle - Comment(s)

We're happy to announce one of the most important product updates in the last couple of months - release of BOPP dashboard. BOPP dashboard offers the same advantages as the BOPP app and more and is accessible via web. You can choose to use only BOPP app to request payments or only BOPP dashboard or ...

BOPP Parentkind Competition

21.09.21 10:03 AM By Bernie Raftery - Comment(s)

1. The first 100 PTAs that register for BOPP via the Parentkind member portal and use BOPP for fundraising will be eligible for entry into the competition.

2. Eligible PTAs may enter the competition by sending a payment request via email to for £25, which will be paid by BOPP on o...

New Parentkind partnership

16.06.21 12:51 PM By Alaina - Comment(s)
New Parentkind partnership
Parentkind and BOPP have signed a 3-year exclusive contract to bring Open Banking payments to the 13,000 PTAs they support as members.

BOPP Competition

26.04.21 09:37 AM By Migle - Comment(s)
BOPP Competition

To celebrate the launch of BOPP, we have 5 prizes of £50 to give away! 

Accept card payments? Who is taking a cut of your profits?

09.03.21 02:33 PM By Alaina - Comment(s)
Accept card payments? Who is taking a cut of your profits?

Do you know how many other organisations are involved when you accept a card payment from a customer? Or how much each middleman takes from your profits in the process?

While accepting card payments may seem convenient, there literally is a price to pay. Not just with the fees, but also with the...