Introducing BOPP Dashboard

By - Migle
09.05.22 12:06 PM

We're happy to announce one of the most important product updates in the last couple of months - release of BOPP dashboard. BOPP dashboard offers the same advantages as the BOPP app and more and is accessible via web. You can choose to use only BOPP app to request payments or only BOPP dashboard or you can use both as the data is synced. 

Users of the BOPP dashboard will be able


  • To create customisable BOPP payment requests

  • View synced payment data between BOPP app and BOPP dashboard

  • View incoming and outgoing transactions

  • Review the payment data, view the data collected as part of the payment such as any special requests from the payer, notes, email address etc

  • Download CSV reports of the payment activity

  • See Gift Aid data if Gift Aid is enabled on your account

  • Review payment request activity: see payment request status, number of associated payments, total paid amount for each payment request

  • Set up API keys to use BOPP Checkout online

To find out more about BOPP, please visit our website or schedule a demo call.

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